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20 April 2018

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Project Management

TFP Engineering has extensive experience in the Project Management of scheduled services and shutdown projects for mining equipment; draglines, face shovels and all earthmoving equipment.

Technical Engineering

Since its establishment, TFP has been building a reputation for innovative, technological excellence. The TFP mandate is to engineer for improved performance and productivity.  The resulting reduced down time increases productivity.

We pride ourselves on the provision of appropriately skilled personnel, technical expertise and quality systems of work.

Our business objectives include "Ensuring our customers receive outstanding service."

Scheduled Maintenance and Shutdown Projects

TFP Engineering has a proven capability to service all mining equipment. 

Units will return to production activities within the agreed time frame.

In the past 7 to 10 years TFP has provided management services and qualified personnel to mining and construction customers for repairs and maintenance. Critical repairs can be undertaken with minimal lead time.

Service Work and Labour Hire

We can provide:

technical expertise and skilled tradesmen during shutdown works.  We also have a broad base of skilled labour hire. TFP maintains a fleet of service vehicles suitable for onsite maintenance

Our Schedule of Rates are competitive.

Fabrication services:

Laser Alignment and Surveying

The ‘easy laser' system has accuracy to 0.0001mm and operates on any plane or level.

Previous utilisation includes surveys on centre pin and swing shaft bores, alignment of shovel gantries, swing rack and roller path mounting surfaces.

Water Jet Cutter

The Water Jet Cutter has the capability to precisely cut any product within 100th of a millimetre, also includes a 2.5 x 6m bed, 3 axis operational variables and the capability of cutting 150mm thick.  All materials can be cut from metal, glass marble etc. 

Specialist cutting includes high grade plate including bisalloy, arcoplate etc.

600t Press and Folder

The 600 tonne brake press in addition to the hydraulic brake folder, provides TFP with the capability to fold and bend any plate up to a width of 3.66m and to the thickness and strength of 80mm bisalloy plate. Recent projects include bending of bisalloy 80mm plate to within 1 mm accuracy for a D10 Dozer.

Digital Lathe and Precision Mill

Our digital lathe has 3m of spacing between centres precise to 0.0001 inches with a cylindrical grinding head available for specialist work.

Mobile Plant and Equipment

TFP Engineering can provide hire of:

  • Tadano 50t Crane
  • Terex 100T Crane
  • 3 tonne forklift
  • 50ft tele-handler 1637 Manitou with 4WD steering and operation.
  • 120 foot EWP
  • 90T GCM Prime Mover
  • 3 axle widenable float
  • 70ft EWP
  • 45ft trailer mounted EWP

Other Equipment

Other plant and equipment includes Geka Punching Shears, oxy cutting, welding and associated equipment, lifting equipment, and environmental hydrocarbon cleaning station, temporary stairs and ladders, 400mm diameter capacity cold saw.