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20 April 2018

TFP > Water Cutter

The water jet cutter has the capability to precisely cut any product within a 10th of a millimeter. We can cut up to 100mm thick material, 3 meters by 4 meters wide.

Materials we can cut but are not limited to:

  • mild steel
  • stainless steel
  • wood
  • tiles
  • glass
  • zinc
  • rubber

Some products we specialize in include:

Gears, lugs, flanges, signs, tiles, grouser plates, privacy screens, toolboxes, stencils, excavator buckets, support bases, brackets

Two to three day turn around. Can cut off drawings, some photographs , sketches.

Price is $2.75 per minute this is a standard flat rate. Costing will depend on the amount of cutting required in the product and the finish that you require.

You can visit the image page to see some work previously done.